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In the News – Year 2017

12.07.17 – Green light for continued operations of ESA science missions

12.06.17 – 60 Years Ago: Vanguard Fails to Reach Orbit

12.06.17 – Found: Most Distant Black Hole

11.27.17 – All Missions On Board for NASA Heliophysics Research

11.17.17 – Taking a Spin on Plasma Space Tornadoes with NASA Observations

11.16.17 – NASA Detects Solar Flare Pulses at Sun and Earth

11.15.17 – FIREBIRD II and NASA Mission Locate Whistling Space Electrons’ Origins

11.14.17 – New NASA Mission Concept Aimed at Studying Why Planets Lose their Atmospheres

11.14.17 – Proposed NASA Mission Would Investigate Where Space Weather Begins

11.13.17 – Hitomi Mission Glimpses Cosmic ‘Recipe’ for the Nearby Universe

11.08.17 – Parker Solar Probe Comes to NASA Goddard for Testing

11.03.17 – Return of the Comet: 96P Spotted by ESA, NASA Satellites

11.02.17 – Atmospheric Beacons Guide NASA Scientists in Search for Life

10.30.17 – NuSTAR Probes Black Hole Jet Mystery

10.27.17 – September 2017’s Intense Solar Activity Viewed From Space

10.27.17 – NASA Scientist to Discuss ‘To Explore Strange New Worlds’ at Library of Congress Lecture

10.19.17 – New NASA Study Improves Search for Habitable Worlds

10.18.17 – NASA's ICON Explores the Boundary Between Earth and Space

10.18.17 – Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor Wakes the World to Smashing Neutron Stars

10.16.17 – NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event

10.16.17 – INTEGRAL sees blast travelling with gravitational waves

10.13.17 – NASA Sounding Rocket Instrument Spots Signatures of Long-Sought Small Solar Flares

10.13.17 – How Scientists Used NASA Data to Predict the Corona of the Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse

10.11.17 – NASA Scientist to Discuss ‘The Star That Ate Manhattan’ at Library of Congress Lecture

10.04.17 – Solar Scientist Wins Top Goddard Space Science Award

10.04.17 – Mysterious Dimming of Tabby's Star May Be Caused by Dust

10.03.17 – Parker Solar Probe Gets Visit From Namesake

09.28.17 – Sputnik and the Creation of NASA: A Personal Perspective

09.27.17 – Clemson physicists, international team unveil map of the universe's most powerful marvels

09.26.17 – Parker Solar Probe Gets Its Revolutionary Heat Shield

09.21.17 – NASA, JAXA Reaffirm Cooperation in Space Exploration

09.20.17 – Media Invited to View NASA Spacecraft That Will Touch Our Sun

09.11.17 – Sun Erupts With Significant Flare

09.07.17 – NASA Awards New Cooperative Agreement to W. M. Keck Observatory

09.06.17 – Keep Your Eclipse Glasses to See the Sun’s ‘Freckles’

09.05.17 – NASA's SDO Captures Image of Mid-level Flare

09.05.17 – ‘Extreme' Telescopes Find the Second-fastest-spinning Pulsar

09.01.17 – ACE Celebrates 20 Years of Solar Wind, Cosmic Ray Discoveries

09.01.17 – NASA's Van Allen Probes Survive Extreme Radiation Five Years On

08.25.17 – Simulations Reveal Mysteries of the Solar Cycle

08.23.17 – Hinode Satellite Captures Powerful Aug. 21 Eclipse Images, Video

08.17.17 – Greatest Eclipse and Greatest Duration: What's the Difference?

08.15.17 – NASA, ESA Spacecraft Track Solar Storm Through Space

08.15.17 – Cosmic Magnifying Lens Reveals Inner Jets of Black Holes

08.14.17 – Aug. 21 Eclipse: Up Close and Personal with NASA

08.14.17 – Studying the Sun's Atmosphere with the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

08.11.17 – Sun Erupts With Significant Flare

08.11.17 – NASA Watches the Sun Put a Stop to Its Own Eruption

08.10.17 – Day to Night and Back Again: Earth's Ionosphere During the Total Solar Eclipse

08.10.17 – Five Tips from NASA for Photographing the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21

08.04.17 – NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Passes Critical Review

08.04.17 – Two Weeks in the Life of a Sunspot

08.01.17 – NASA Continues to Study Pulsars, 50 Years After Their Chance Discovery

07.31.17 – An Earth-like Atmosphere May Not Survive Proxima b's Orbit

07.28.17 – NASA Selects Proposals to Study Sun, Space Environment

07.26.17 – Gamma-ray Burst Captured in Unprecedented Detail

07.25.17 – Large, Distant Comets More Common Than Previously Thought

07.25.17 – Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse from NASA's WB-57F Jets

07.24.17 – NASA Mission Surfs through Waves in Space to Understand Space Weather

07.18.17 – Gamma-ray Telescopes Reveal a High-energy Trap in Our Galaxy's Center

07.17.17 – NASA Neutron Star Mission Begins Science Operations

07.17.17 – NASA-funded Citizen Science Project Discovers New Brown Dwarf

07.17.17 – NASA Listens in as Electrons Whistle While They Work

07.12.17 – NASA's SDO Watches a Sunspot Turn Toward Earth

07.11.17 – Hidden Stars May Make Planets Appear Smaller

06.22.17 – Scientists Uncover Origins of the Sun's Swirling Spicules

06.21.17 – NASA Prepares for Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse with Live Coverage, Safety Information

06.21.17 – Cool Power
06.13.17 – NuSTAR's First Five Years in Space

06.13.17 – Media Invited to June 21 Science, Safety Briefings on August Total Solar Eclipse

06.06.17 – Flares May Threaten Planet Habitability Near Red Dwarfs

06.05.17 – NASA's Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft a Discovery Machine

06.01.17 – NASA to Launch First-Ever Neutron-Star Mission

05.31.17 – NASA Renames Solar Probe Mission to Honor Pioneering Physicist Eugene Parker

05.26.17 – NASA to Make Announcement About First Mission to Touch Sun

05.26.17 – New NASA Mission to Study Mysterious Neutron Stars, Aid in Deep Space Navigation

05.26.17 – NASA's SDO Sees Partial Eclipse in Space

05.23.17 – CLASP Sounding Rocket Mission Opens New Research Window in Solar Physics

05.19.17 – SpaceX Dragon to Deliver Research to Space Station

05.18.17 – NASA Mission Uncovers Dance of Electrons in Space

05.18.17 – NASA Highlights Science on Next Resupply Mission to International Space Station

05.17.17 – Space Weather Events Linked to Human Activity

05.17.17 – NASA's Van Allen Probes Spot Man-Made Barrier Shrouding Earth

05.10.17 – Fermi Satellite Observes Billionth Gamma Ray with LAT Instrument

05.09.17 – Merging Galaxies Have Enshrouded Black Holes

05.08.17 – Space Weather Model Simulates Solar Storms From Nowhere

05.04.17 – NASA-Funded Sounding Rocket Will Take 1,500 Images of Sun in 5 Minutes

05.02.17 – Origin of Milky Way's Hypothetical Dark Matter Signal May Not Be So Dark

04.26.17 – Scientists Propose Mechanism to Describe Solar Eruptions of All Sizes

04.25.17 – Taking AIM at Night-Shining Clouds: 10 Years, 10 Science Highlights

04.24.17 – NASA's Cassini, Voyager Missions Suggest New Picture of Sun's Interaction with Galaxy

04.24.17 – NASA's Fermi Catches Gamma-ray Flashes from Tropical Storms

04.19.17 – Living With a Star: NASA and Partners Survey Space Weather Science

04.14.17 – NASA Scientist to Discuss ‘NASA's Fermi Opening a Window on the Extreme Universe’ at Library of Congress Lecture

04.10.17 – Solar Storms Can Drain Electrical Charge Above Earth

04.03.17 – NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory Captured Trio of Solar Flares Aril 2-3

03.31.17 – NASA Observations Reshape Basic Plasma Wave Physics

03.30.17 – Waves on Sun Give NASA Insight into Space Weather Forecasting

03.27.17 – NuSTAR Probes Puzzling Galaxy Merger

03.27.17 – NASA Spacecraft Investigate Clues in Radiation Belts

03.23.17 – Andromeda's Bright X-Ray Mystery Solved by NuSTAR

03.22.17 – NASA's SDO Sees a Stretch of Spotless Sun

03.20.17 – NASA's Swift Mission Maps a Star's ‘Death Spiral’ into a Black Hole

03.17.17 – NASA Satellites Ready When Stars and Planets Align

03.17.17 – Q&A: Dark matter next door?

03.15.17 – Relativistic Electrons Uncovered with NASA's Van Allen Probes

03.15.17 – NASA's Solarium Heads to the American Museum of Natural History

03.13.17 – Star Discovered in Closest Known Orbit Around Likely Black Hole

03.02.17 – NASA Scientists Demonstrate Technique to Improve Particle Warnings that Protect Astronauts

03.01.17 – NuSTAR Spots Temperature Swings of Black Hole Winds

02.28.17 – NuSTAR Helps Find Universe's Brightest Pulsars

02.27.17 – NASA Satellite Spots Moon's Shadow over Patagonia

02.21.17 – 10 Years Strong with NASA's THEMIS Mission

02.21.17 – NASA's Fermi Finds Possible Dark Matter Ties in Andromeda Galaxy

02.20.17 – INTEGRAL Announcement of Opportunity (AO-15)

02.15.17 – NASA-funded Website Lets Public Search for New Nearby Worlds

02.13.17 – After 15 years, SABER on TIMED Still Breaks Ground from Space

02.11.17 – NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: Year 7 Ultra HD (4k)

02.09.17 – NASA Spacecraft Prepares to Fly to New Heights

02.03.17 – NOAA's GOES-16 EXIS Instrument Observes Solar Flares

02.03.17 – Eclipse 2017: NASA Supports a Unique Opportunity for Science in the Shadow

02.02.17 – NASA Scientist Studies Whether Solar Storms Cause Animal Beachings

02.01.17 – GOLD one step closer to launching into space

01.31.17 – NuSTAR Helps Solve ‘Rapid Buster’ Mystery

01.30.17 – NASA's Fermi Sees Gamma Rays from ’Hidden’ Solar Flares

01.30.17 – NASA's Fermi Sees Gamma Rays from ‘Hidden’ Solar Flares

01.30.17 – NASA's Fermi Discovers the Most Extreme Blazars Yet

01.26.17 – New Space Weather Model Helps Simulate Magnetic Structure of Solar Storms

01.24.17 – NuSTAR Finds New Clues to ‘Chameleon Supernova’

01.11.17 – One Dozen and One Neutron Stars

01.07.17 – Black Holes Hide in Our Cosmic Backyard

01.06.17 – The Case of the ‘Missing Link’ Neutron Star

01.05.17 – NASA Moon Data Provides More Accurate 2017 Eclipse Path
01.04.17 – TIMED Marches On: Watching the Upper Atmosphere for 15 Years and Counting

01.03.17 – NASA Selects Mission to Study Black Holes, Cosmic X-ray Mysteries