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Explorers and Heliophysics Projects Division (EHPD)

The Explorers and Heliophysics Projects Division (EHPD) consists of three programs: Explorers, Living With a Star (LWS), and Solar Terrestrial Probes (STP). The Explorers Program is an uncoupled Program which provides frequent flight opportunities for world-class scientific investigations from space within NASA Heliophysics and Astrophysics Space Science goals. Explorers projects are typically implemented in the Principal Investigator (PI) mode. The LWS Program is a loosely coupled Program which provides missions to improve our understanding of how and why the Sun varies, how the Earth and Solar System respond, and how the variability and response affects humanity in Space and on Earth. The STP Program is an uncoupled Program which provides missions to understand the fundamental physics processes from the Sun to Earth, to outer planets, and beyond to the interstellar medium.

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NASA's SDO Peers Into Huge Coronal Hole

NASA's SDO Peers Into Huge Coronal Hole

05.26.16 – This imagery of the sun captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory from May 17-19, 2016, shows a giant dark area on the star's upper half, known as a coronal hole. Coronal holes are low-density regions of the sun's atmosphere, known as the corona. Because they contain little solar material, they have lower temperatures and thus appear much darker than their surroundings. Coronal holes are visible in certain types of extreme ultraviolet light, which is typically invisible to our eyes, but is colorized here in purple for easy viewing.

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The Explorers and Heliophysics Projects Division mission to support Heliophysics, Physics and Astronomy

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Explorers Missions

  • GOLD
    Launch Date: September 2017
    Phase C: Final Design & Fabrication
  • ICON
    Launch Date: June 2017
    Phase C: Final Design & Fabrication
    Launch Date: February 2017
    Phase D: System Assembly, Test, & Launch
  • TESS
    Launch Date: December 2017
    Phase C: Final Design & Fabrication
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Living With a Star Missions

Solar Terrestrial Probes Mission

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